Princess Lauha:

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- Lauha: washing the dishes, taking an afternoon nap, having a fun swing, getting acquinted to the fine art of bakery, enjoying the early spring sun on lake Kyynäröjärvi (10.04.2007)

- lots of hard work in the background, mind you... (10.04.2007)

- OK, so Pop recycled the disposable Christmas decoration lights on Lauha's dolls house

- here is an overall view from the garden side (10.04.2007)

- Lauha: please - no more paparazzi !!! (78k) (30.09.2006)

- Lauha: How was breakfast ??? Ummmm - so and so...  (65k)  (30.09.2006)

- the Moomin house got it's final roofing (151k) this summer with the kind help of Antti, OH2MNI (28.08.2008)

- Lauha helping (85k) me out with the telephone extension... (04.05.2006)

- did the signal improve (91k) any ? (04.05.2006)

- Lauha Goes Mobile (105k)  (20.04.2006)

- a photo of Lauha (95k) at 6 months of age, shot taken right after her elevenses ;-) (20.02.2006)

- and a fun photo of Mum and Lauha (84k) in a multifeed session :) (21.02.2006)

- and Princess Lauha now at the age of 3 months (24.11.2005)

- a photo of Anne and Princess - only four hours old ! (24.08.2005)

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