The R&S HFH Users Club, Finland Division

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Members of the R&S HFH Users Club Finland:

OH2AUE, HFH Users Club Member No. 1

OH6FSQ, HFH Users Club Member No. 2

OH1AZM, HFH Users Club Member No. 3


Drawing from HFH Data Sheet
The HFH can be set up for E and H field measurements running from car battery or with mains power.


Photo from HFH Data Sheet
In the photo above, from circa 1967, you can find the R&S ZSG Enograph (a DC pen recorder) at the left, the HFH with one of the Magnetic Field Loops attached in the middle and to the right, the R&S XUA Frequency Standard. I think this photo might have been taken somewhere in Munich in the 1960'ies...


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Updated 13.01.2019 Michael Fletcher, OH2AUE