OH2Z results from contest on 29.08.2000

Artjarvi Telecommunications Society, OH2Z, Artjärven Viestitekninen Yhdistys

Raport on contest results

Band Number of QSO's
2304/2320 MHz Six, best DX 478 km (SM3AKW)
3400 MHz One, new Finnish record at 251 km !!! (OH3TR/1)
5760 MHz Two, best DX 251 km (OH3TR/1)
10368 MHz Six, best DX 486 km (SM5QA)
24192 MHz Nil, due to problems with transverter

For further information of equipment used, click here

Map plot of worked stations using Roger Hedin's Great Circle Maps version 2.3:

See in the next microwave competition from OH2Z !!!!

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