OH2Z results from contest on 30.05.2000

Artjarvi Telecommunications Society, OH2Z, Artjärven Viestitekninen Yhdistys

Raport on contest results

Band Number of QSO's
1296 MHz Several (not included in contest)
2304/2320 MHz Five
3400 MHz Nil, due to lack of time :-(
5760 MHz Two
10368 MHz Seven
24192 MHz Nil, due to lack of time :-(

Photographs by Kauto Huopio, OH2LFM:

-photo of 4 m dish (62k) with 1.2 m (3.4, 5.7 & 10.4 GHz) and 0.6 m (10.4 GHz) dishes in foreground
-working to about 240 degrees (Sipoo):2.3 GHz on the 4 m dish (71k) and 5.7 & 10.4 GHz
-antennas pointing to 309 degrees (62k) towards Tampere
-closer view of antennas 66k) pointing towards Tampere
-OH2KTB/p & OH1GSM/p 10 GHz dishes in foreground (84k), 5.7 GHz station in background
-same setup from a slightly different (97k) angle
-same setup with OH2AUE(94k) in background preparing the 5.7 GHz station
-and another view (95k) of the same setup with OH2AUE pounding the Morse key
-OH2NC and OH2AUE preparing the 5.7 GHz dish (57k) with OH1GSM/p on the left
-OH7KAA & YL and OH1MRH visiting the antenna  antenna (88k) site during the competition
-OH2AUE operating the 5.7 GHz station (96k) (30 W out to the 1.2 m dish)
-5.7 GHz station (66k) 48 Vdc PSU, transverter (4 W out), 30 Watt SSPA and preamplifier + IC202S
-a slightly different angle of the same 5.7 GHz station (57k) with the sun setting in the background
-OH1GSM/p 10 GHz station with 60 cm dish (41k) pointing towards Tampere
-overall view of the 5.7 GHz station (72k) with our club S band radar in the background
-many separate boxes on the portable 5.7 GHz (58k) station - integration would be useful ;-)
-the OH1GSM/p (80k) 10 GHz portable station QRV towards Tampere
-the 2304/2320 MHz (84k) dual IF (144 or 432 MHz IF) transverter in the 4 m dish pedestal
-60 cm dish with 10 GHz transverter multiplier (86k) station ;-)
-sometimes the traffic ( 85k) got heavy on the ladder (OH2LKV and OH2AUE passing each other)
-photo of our 3.4 GHz (102k) dish feed (Cassegrain system with orthomode transducer)
-our 4 m dish (circa 1966) has a robust vacuum tube (115k) servo control system from 1947 !
-this 3 m parabolic dish (49k) was used on 1.3 GHz with preamplifier and 50 W SSPA
-sauna, sausage (48k) and beer are an essential part of Finnish microwave contesting ;-)
-artists view of the establishment cooker (14k)
-another nocturnal view of frying sausage (40k) on the bonfire

See you in the next microwave competition from OH2Z !!!!

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Created 04.06.2000,  OH2AUE