The frying pan antenna for 5.7 GHz

An ultracheap antenna for 5.7 GHz:

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- this 5760 MHz omnidirectional vertically polarized antenna is based on an idea of JA3UMZ

- this is an overall view of the antenna and test setup ( 100k ) with 5 W amplidier and 30 dB coupler

- here is a closeup view of the directional coupler and isolator used for measuring matching ( 71k )

- a slightly closer view of the frying pan duetto ( 78k )

- and this is the 5.7 GHz beacon source I used for testing ( 70k ) ( with BPF and variable attenuator )

- the frying pans available from IKEA ( no affiliation !!! ), product number 962.258.00, and they are 24 cm in diameter

- principle drawing ( 10k ) of the built prototype

- drawing ( 4k ) of how an antenna of this type might be used for the beacon project

- what the local tabloid newspaper had to say about engineers and the misuse of frying pans, 87k. ( in Finnish )

- construction notes and tips in Finnish.

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Updated 30.04.1999