Amateur Radio Astronomy Experiments at OH2MOH

RA experimenting during a spring weekend:

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- a photograph of installation ( 62k ) ( Jorma Ryske on the tower ) of the 11 GHz Dicke front end onto our 4 m tracking dish

- a closup view of the Cassegrain feed ( 58k ) and corrugated feedhorn assembly

- photo taken during initial pointing calibration( 66k ) using the sun ( SERIOUS overloading problems ! )

- general view of antenna pointing towards Taurus A ( 56k ), nothing logged ( yet ! )

- the backends of the two 11 GHz radiometers inside the control room ( 69k ) with strip chart recorder and digital scope

- typical scope display ( 66k ) of the switching signal and noise levels of cold sky vs. reference temperature

- still lots of work to do, but so far the sun, moon and Cassiopeia A have been logged !

- additions next time: cold sky as cold reference, feed losses down by about 1 dB, digital antenna tracking and control

- this should result in 60 mK radiometer resolution ( 10 sec. integration ) with an antenna sensitivity of ~2.4 mK/Jansky

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Updated 12.06.1999